Community Development

Creative Corridor - Community Development 062018

ASLA 2014 Honor Award, Analysis and Planning Category. The Creative Corridor: A Main Street Revitalization for Little Rock by University of Arkansas Community Design Center and Marlon Blackwell Architect. Image: University of Arkansas Community Design Center + Marlon Blackwell Architects

In its recently released report, the ASLA Blue Ribbon Panel on Climate Change and Resilience prioritized community development policies that make people and local ecosystems safer and healthier.

For instance, compact, walkable, transit-oriented development reduces energy use. When designed in concert with natural systems, these “smart growth” communities are also resilient and climate smart.

Here is a summary of the solutions proposed by the panel:

  • Require transit-oriented development using green infrastructure and complete streets principles and integrating clean energy and energy efficiency.
  • Reuse/redevelop brownfieldsiv and grayfieldsv, including for open space.
  • Require environmental justice analysis and view transit policy through an equity lens.
  • Develop municipal and regional climate resilience plans and require climate change analysis of existing laws and regulations.
  • Restructure insurance programs to encourage resilient rebuilding.
  • Create community investment trusts to fund green infrastructure and resilience projects, including clean energy projects.
  • Assess and address public health impacts of climate change.
  • Require walkable open space within a quarter mile radius of all residential development.

What’s missing from this list?

Tell us how you contribute to smart community development? Do you encounter resistance to change, and how do you address it?